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Residential Real Estate Strong When Stocks Falter

It might not be what you would expect to hear in the face of a falling stock market, but history has shown that residential real estate typically thrives when stock markets take a dip. As Columnist Mark Hulbert reveals in Barron’s, “In 14 of the 15 previous U.S. equity bear markets, going back to 1956, the home-price index rose,” he writes. “And in that lone bear market prior to 2007 in which home prices did fall, they did so by just 0.4 percent.” There are, of course, exceptions to nearlyRead More

Real Estate Scammers Target Florida Home Buyers

“Rent to own” or “lease to own” sounds like it might be an attractive way for some home buyers to go about achieving the American Dream of home ownership. During these uncertain economic times, more and more people are finding it difficult to qualify for a mortgage and are turning to other, more-affordable methods to buy their own home. Unfortunately, there are scam artists out there who are all-too-willing to take advantage of people during hard times. Two Florida men are currently in custody after authorities caught onto their realRead More

Selling Your Home? Expect the Unexpected

I know from first-hand experience that having your home on the market can be an incredibly frustrating experience. You’ll get potential buyers scheduling showings of your home who obviously don’t have the ability to get the financing or are wasting their time—and yours – by looking at a property that is completely wrong for them. As I’ve talked about in the recent past, there’s a glut of property on the market these days – at least where I live – and this appears to have buyers in very picky mood.Read More

Appraisers Seen As Another Obstacle For Buyers

It’s not news that the real estate market in most of the country is going through a rough period. Banks and other lenders have raised their standards when it comes to deciding who they will loan money to, making it more difficult for many buyers to get into the home they desire. Falling home values make matters worse and also make sellers and listing agents attempt to squeeze as much as they can from every sale. Even getting a buyer to make an offer that is attractive to the sellerRead More