Are Bi-weekly Mortgage Payments A Good Idea?

If you want to become instantly popular, all you have to do is re-finance your mortgage. Granted, you probably aren’t going to end up being popular with the kind of people you want to be popular with, but if you’re the type that likes a little extra attention now and then, this might work for you. In this case, your new-found admirers are going to be local businesses like carpet cleaners, contractors and lawn care services who all seem to believe that financing your house is a sign that youRead More

Appraisers Seen As Another Obstacle For Buyers

It’s not news that the real estate market in most of the country is going through a rough period. Banks and other lenders have raised their standards when it comes to deciding who they will loan money to, making it more difficult for many buyers to get into the home they desire. Falling home values make matters worse and also make sellers and listing agents attempt to squeeze as much as they can from every sale. Even getting a buyer to make an offer that is attractive to the sellerRead More