Selling Your Home? Expect the Unexpected

I know from first-hand experience that having your home on the market can be an incredibly frustrating experience. You’ll get potential buyers scheduling showings of your home who obviously don’t have the ability to get the financing or are wasting their time—and yours – by looking at a property that is completely wrong for them. As I’ve talked about in the recent past, there’s a glut of property on the market these days – at least where I live – and this appears to have buyers in very picky mood.

Even of you’ve had your home on the market for months or years, don’t lose hope. I’m guilty of getting pretty bummed out about the lack of offers coming in for our home, but oftentimes it seems like a good lead will come from the place you least expect it. Real estate agents have paraded a number of potential buyers through our home and although it seemed like we were close to getting an offer from one particular buyer, he has either decided not to make an offer on our home or is taking lots of time to think about it.

What we did not expect is for a potential buyer to make himself known through an acquaintance of someone in my family. At this point in time, I don’t get too excited about word of a showing or a potential buyer, but it is interesting to see a potential buyer come in through the "back door” and express an interest in our home without even talking to a real estate agent.

Although this may be obvious to many people, as a seller, you are just waiting for that “right” person or persons to come through the door. I know that when we looked at our current home, we knew almost right away it was the home we wanted to buy. In fact, we contacted the real estate agent and put an offer within a day. In this market is obviously a bit tougher for sellers since there is so much for buyers to choose from. Still, even if you do not realize it, there is something unique about your home that is going to appeal to a potential buyer. It might be something completely different from what attracted you to your home, but eventually the right buyer will come along.

We’re about as ready to move as anyone could possibly be and it’s been an emotional roller-coaster having people come out to see our home and have some of them indicate that they were close to making an offer and never following through. However, it’s not wise to write off a potential buyer even if they have expressed interest in your property in the past and not taken action. With real estate you need to expect the unexpected, so don’t be surprised if a potential buyer that visited your house months ago surfaces again with renewed interest. If they spend more time looking at properties that don’t appeal to them, it’s still a possibility that they will return to your home for another look.

During my brief career in real estate one thing I learned about this business is that just about anything can happen, and when it does happen it’s usually when you least expect it!

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