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First-hand Look At How Markets Differ Around U.S.

Having just completed a move from one part of the country to another, it’s easy to see the contrast in the real estate market from one region to another. The area we left in the northeast was flooded with homes for sale. In our travels around town and around the entire region, we had been […]

Real Estate Scammers Target Florida Home Buyers

“Rent to own” or “lease to own” sounds like it might be an attractive way for some home buyers to go about achieving the American Dream of home ownership. During these uncertain economic times, more and more people are finding it difficult to qualify for a mortgage and are turning to other, more-affordable methods to […]

Home on the Market? Patience is The Key!

As someone whose home has been on the market since the beginning of the year, I feel like I’ve been through a goodly share of the trials and tribulations that a home seller should be prepared to deal with when trying to sell their home in this lousy economy and slumping real estate market. Granted, […]

Selling Your Home? Expect the Unexpected

I know from first-hand experience that having your home on the market can be an incredibly frustrating experience. You’ll get potential buyers scheduling showings of your home who obviously don’t have the ability to get the financing or are wasting their time—and yours – by looking at a property that is completely wrong for them. […]

Appraisers Seen As Another Obstacle For Buyers

It’s not news that the real estate market in most of the country is going through a rough period. Banks and other lenders have raised their standards when it comes to deciding who they will loan money to, making it more difficult for many buyers to get into the home they desire. Falling home values […]

Being A Considerate Buyer

Tips and advice for those who wish to sell their home get a lot of press. Television shows, newspaper articles, magazines and real estate websites contain a wealth of information on how to make a home more attractive to potential buyers. But how about the other side of the coin? There’s a good amount of […]

New Home Construction Falls 5 Percent

A news item from MarketWatch says that housing starts fell 5% which resulted in a total of 571,000 – the lowest level seen in three months. Anyone surprised by this news must have been living on another planet for a while! Just a drive around the region where I live would make one wonder why […]

Some Markets Showing Signs of Rebound

With all the bad economic news we’ve been hearing for so long, it may be a little hard to believe there are some bright spots among the dark clouds. It’s way too soon to start screaming about a recovery at this point, but little indicators like the following may provide some hope for the future. […]