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Home. It’s a bit ironic that it’s the word that identifies this page and also stands for what this site is all about. As consumers try to weather this economic storm that began sometime around 2008 and appears to have no end in sight, having a home is something that has become more meaningful to many people.

Foreclosures and job losses are still in the news as I write this during August of 2011. The real estate market is slow and there is more inventory on the market than there are buyers, at least where I live. It’s a buyer’s market for sure, and with mortgage companies more reluctant to qualify buyers these days, it can make things more difficult for those buying or selling.

Just driving around the region, I think I can safely say that I have never seen so many houses for sale. Unfortunately, a good number of them are probably for sale because the owner(s) are having problems making their mortgage payments. What choice does someone have when they lose their job and are not able to find another? It becomes a bit difficult to make those mortgage payments when your income just stops coming in.

Despite what politicians tell us, the economy is in the tank, and with that comes a lot of unpleasant facts of life for unlucky people who find themselves unemployed or in some kind of other financial trouble. All the Federal Government is willing to bail out big banks that are deemed “too big to fail,” a lot of Americans are probably wondering where their bail out is.

If all this were not enough, there are those among us that focus their time and effort on taking what other people have – without asking for it! Perhaps people more advanced in years than I can remember times like this, but never have I seen the news full of stories about criminals who are going around stealing sewer covers from streets, gutters and water pipes from homes, wiring from telephone poles, fencing and just about anything they can cart off to a scrap metal yard and trade in for a few dollars.

Although this site was once focused on real estate, I have decided to branch out a bit into other areas that are related to home ownership. Real estate will still be a big part of the content that makes up this site, but you’ll also find information regarding mortgages, home security, entertainment and whatever else I think of that might be of interest to homeowners.

In addition to informational content you’ll find on this site, you’ll also find news items that reflect the current state of things – whether it be mortgage industry news, real estate industry news, general economic news and even crime.

I’m quite accustomed to keeping my personal opinions out of other sites I operate, I’m not sure I’ll be successful with that endeavor where this site is concerned. I am not a fan of most politicians, big bankers, corporate CEOs, lobbyists and similar critters. That’s because I believe most of them will do whatever it takes to further their agenda (usually money) with no regard for how much pain, suffering or misery they cause for those who are lower on the socio-economic ladder than they are. You may or may not disagree.

That about covers it. You may find things on this site that I have not mentioned here and may not find things I have mentioned here, but the latter is probably just because I have not gotten around to putting those sections of the site online and the former is probably just because I thought of something new to add to the site without thinking of coming back to include it here.

Hopefully, you’ll find something useful here somewhere. If not, there are a nearly endless number of other sites out there on the internet to explore. Happy trails.